Ramai TAK PERCAYA Apa Titik Di TELINGA Anda Ini Boleh Lakukan. Cuba Tekan Dan WOW !!!

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Ramai TAK PERCAYA Apa Titik Di TELINGA Anda Ini Boleh Lakukan. Cuba Tekan Dan WOW !!! | Nowadays, many people are looking towards alternative medicine for when they are sick. Many people do not want to use the same small and expensive chemical overloads (that may have many side effects) to fight their ailments.


So that you don’t have to just swallow another pill, you can first try something milder. One alternative is acupuncture. According to the Chinese healing art, there is a specific point on the human ear that is particularly effective. This point is called the Shen Men Point (which translates to: “Heavenly Gate”). If you press this point on the external ear, then it can help to relieve stress, anxiety, allergies, headaches, addiction, inflammation, depression, and pain. Kalau dalam bahasa Melayunya, titik ini boleh melegakan tekanan, kebimbangan, apa sahaja jenis radangan, pening kepala, ketagihan, kemerahan, kemurungan dan kesakitan. In China, this point has been known for centuries.

You can stimulate the Shen Men point by pinching the point on your outer ear between your index finger and thumb.

Massage this point one to two times a day for about a minute. Your finger should make a circular motion over your ear’s skin.

Here you can see the instructions for finding the point as a video.

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This treatment is incredibly simple and anyone can learn it and perform anywhere, anytime – and the best: no side effects. Try it today and show this brilliant ear massage all your friends. Maybe it will help them to cope better with their daily minor ailments! KREDIT HEFTY.

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